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Nanoparticle to Render Tumors More Susceptible to Treatment – 2021 WARF Innovation Awards Nominee

Prof. Shaoqin Gong, Dr. Zachary Morris, Ying Zhang and Raghava Sriramaneni. This interdisciplinary team is bridging medicine and nanotechnology to confront cancer. The combination of their novel nanoparticle, radiation therapy and a checkpoint inhibitor could render more tumors more treatable by immunotherapy.

  • Shaoqin Gong, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at UW-Madison
  • Zachary Morris, Assistant Professor of Human Oncology at UW-Madison
  • Ying Zhang, Postdoctoral Associate in Biomedical Engineering at UW-Madison
  • Raghava Sriramaneni, Researcher in Human Oncology at UW-Madison

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