Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Expand your perspective and your circle

Discover new possibilities for science and innovation

With several recurring programs and numerous events, WARF events can help innovative thinkers and researchers expand their perspectives and approach their industries or business ventures with creativity. Our programs also support university researchers in developing Broader Impacts for their grant work.

Here are WARF’s programs for inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers, many of which are held at the Town Center in the Discovery Building.


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  • A networking series for entrepreneurs that brings together thought leaders from across the country to exchange perspectives and expertise on entrepreneurship and startup companies.

Essential Topics

  • Explores timely topics with a campus audience. Presentations have covered relevant legislation, immigration and research and much more.


  • Equips female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color in the Madison area with the tools they need to start or expand their business or startup.

Shaping the Endless Frontier

  • A two-part series hosted by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the Wisconsin Technology Council, Michael Best Strategies and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Force for Positive Change

  • An event celebrating organizations making a social impact in Wisconsin with innovative solutions. Features talks on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wisconsin Clean Tech Network

  • Forums and networking opportunities around clean technology topics affecting Wisconsin entrepreneurs.

WARF Ambassadors

  • Enhances the vital connection between research on campus and technology transfer and engages students to serve as WARF Ambassadors augments WARF’s visibility and presence among researchers on campus.

Broader Impacts

  • Supports researchers in planning, developing and implementing their Broader Impacts activities through the Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows program and CAREER workshops.