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WARF Accelerator Big Data Challenge Grant 

Taking “Big Data” and turning it into actionable information is crucial to many applications yet can be a technical and practical hurdle. WARF is launching a WARF Accelerator challenge to identify and support technologies on campus that impact this important area of research.

Applications were due December 22.

Big Data Projects

Do you have expertise in processing and analyzing large amounts of data? Ideal projects may be related to novel techniques to make large data sets useful including algorithms, software and/or hardware.

Projects may address:

  • Data engineering
  • Data science and modeling
  • Data analytics
  • Hardware and specialized architecture
  • Machine learning

Grant Details

  • WARF Accelerator will award 3-4 grants from a pool of approximately $100,000.
  • Individuals and teams should complete these questions and submit them as an attachment to your innovation disclosure. Please include “Big Data Challenge” in the description of your innovation.
  • WARF staff will evaluate proposals.
  • Proposed research to be completed within a year.
  • Project team must include a Principal Investigator (PI) at UW-Madison or the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Assessment Criteria

  • Projects do not need to be patentable
  • Concepts must be new (not something previously disclosed to WARF)
  • Technical readiness
  • Commercial potential

Even if your idea doesn’t relate to the above examples or is early stage, please consider submitting an application. We’re interested in hearing your idea.

Any Questions?

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